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Tianyu Shares
Clean Manufacturing

In Tianyu, we strictly follow the relevant requirements of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Cleaner Production Promotion to actively carry out cleaner production and implement cleaning and production-related work. With the aim of "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution abatement and efficiency enhancement", we started to establish a clean production review team, continuously adopted improved designs, used clean energy and raw materials, adopted measures such as advanced technology and equipment, improved management and comprehensive utilization in 2015, thus reducing pollution from the source, increasing the efficiency of resource use, and reducing or avoiding the generation and release of pollutants in the process of production, service, and product use, so as to eliminate or reduce the danmage to human health and the environment. The company invested a total of RMB 5.442 million to implement 37 projects for technological transformation. 

Wastewater Treatment

We insist on improving and optimizing the wastewater treatment process to ensure it is discharged after 100% reach the standards. Collect waste water in classification.
Recite all cofferdams,and add canopies to ensure thorough cleaning and diversion of rainwater and sewage. The open ditch is adopted for rain and sewage diversion, including collection management of rainwater in initial stage. Sewage is collected and stored in tanks or above ground tanks. The production workshop is equipped with wastewater distillation pretreatment for reducing salt and COD. Three-effect evaporators are used for the pretreatment of high-salt wastewater. Sewage is transported via overhead pipelines or pipelines. The tolerance design and advanced A2O2 process is adopted for design and processing capacity of the wastewater treatment station to ensure that the treatment is qualified. At the same time, the daily monitoring personnel will be designated by the sewage station to monitor each unit of the wastewater treatment to ensure that the wastewater can meet the standards from the beginning of the treatment to the final discharge. A third-party monitoring agencies will be regularly entrusted to supervise and monitor the total discharge of waste water.

Exhaust Gas Treatment

In Tianyu, we continue to improve, and strive to pursue zero fugitive waste gas emissions and 100% of targeted discharge targets. We eliminate and reduce waste gas production through process modification, equipment upgrading, and management optimization. For example, reducing the process discharge temperature, and optimizing the process to reduce open operating procedures. Two-in-one centrifuges, nitrogen sealing devices, etc. are used instead of open-capped operation equipment; the open devices are reduced and local gas gathering devices are used; the use of water pumps is reduced the mechanical seals instead are used of packing seals the high-grade functional materials are used; the balance tubes will be adopted for discharge or transfer; liquid materials are delivered using tankers. The waste gas quality will be classified and the process flow characteristics will be designed based on the characteristics of each type, and multi-stage condensate recovery and spraying will be adopted to reduce waste gas production. Th secondary pretreatment + RTO incineration + end secondary alkali absorption to treat the exhaust gas. We entrusted the third party LEDAR for monitoring and continuously managing the key emission sources, and regularly entrusted the qualified third-party monitoring agencies to carry out environmental monitoring, and monitoring results can meet the requirements. 

Recycling Waste Treatment

For the management of hazardous waste, we make great efforts to the source of production, and reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated through process and technological transformation; We must strictly follow the requirements for classification, collection, packaging and labeling of hazardous wastes that have already been generated, and deliver them to special storage sites for hazardous wastes, and entrust qualified third-party processing units to handle them. The Management Measures on Hazardous Waste Transfer Sheets shall be strictly followed in the processing, and the quantities, joint bills, and disposal unit shall be filled out on the Taizhou Hazardous Waste Disposal Website detail by detail to supervise the entire process of hazardous waste collection and implementation. In 2016, the company invested more than RMB 800,000 to build 350m2 of hazardous waste storage facilities qualified for the code requirement. 

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